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Introducing Low Cost Slimming Programs!

Today millions all over the world are frustrated with their inability to overcome obesity and it’s accompanying diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and PCOD, miscarriages and infertility.

And the burgeoning, unscrupulous and aggressive weight loss industry has taken full advantage of this situation.

It is busy minting money selling the gullible obese people the dream of effortless slimming by using ‘magic’ slimming machines, ‘trade-secret’ Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines, slimming gels, meal replacement ‘nutritional shakes’ and ‘newly discovered’, ‘revolutionary’ diets!

Every such program is bogus, dangerous and is based on a starvation diet!

Gym industry is busy minting money selling people mindless, painful and injurious exercises under expensive personal trainers of highly questionable merits and equally expensive protein supplements.

All these treatments are damaging people much more than doing them any good. And they are expensive.

But the affluent don’t own obesity! The middle class suffers equally form it. And it is paying through it’s nose for such unscientific programs.

While our Distance Programs have worked best as lifetime programs, there always was demand for short term, low cost programs.

To fulfil this demand, we are now also offering Special Short Term Distance Programs of one week, six or twelve months duration at special fees.

Other variants are also available in these programs.

Call us on 09890801727 or write to us on or for more information.

So if you are genuinely keen on getting slim, fit and healthy, look gorgeous with excellent skin and hair health, overcome the above diseases and don’t want to pay the earth for it, call and visit us today!

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