Calorie Table

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Here are the calories of some common foods and drinks. They also include some special delicacies of India and Maharashtra!
Calories of these foods and drinks can vary to some extent due to the varying amounts of ingredients used in preparing the dishes.
Food ItemUnitsWeight In GramsEnergy In Kilocalories
Milk1 Cup130152
Tea1 Cup10052
Coffee1 Cup120122
Sugarcane Juice1 Glass15059
Lemonade1 Glass15060
Pohe1 Plate183216
Upma1 Plate78177
Shira1 Plate108277
Sabudana Khichadi1 Plate155459
Wada Pav1 Plate184300
Idli Sambar1 Plate60102
Uttapa1 Plate90337
Masala Dosa1 Plate51604
Dhokla1 Plate120260
Omlet1 Plate55132
Potato Wada2 Nos.90156
Udid Wada Sambar2 Nos.84276
Dahi Wada2 Nos.250413
Cutlet2 Nos.90260
Samosa2 Nos.140666
Kachori2 Nos.130696
Sabudana Wada2 Nos.90262
Onion Bhaji1 Plate80240
Bakar Wadi2 Nos.40248
Alu Wadi2 Nos.3280
Kothimbir Wadi2 Nos.2082
Banana Wafers1 Plate1058
Potato Wafers1 Plate1039
Farsan1 Plate50328
Shev1 Plate35225
Chakli2 Nos.3076
Papadi1 Plate35222
Churmure Chivda1 Plate25125
Pohe Chivda1 Plate45205
Potato Chivda1 Plate30177
Bhadang1 Plate25125
Pop Corn1 Plate1034
Pohe Churmure Chivda1 Plate45215
Bhel1 Plate75244
Misal1 Plate230520
Pani Puri1 Plate100212
Cereal Preparations
Chapati1 No.60158
Bhakri (Jowar)1 No.160419
Bhakri (Bajri)1 No.160 435
Bread (Slice)1 No.2050
Puri2 Nos.40163
Khakra1 No.26148
Alu Paratha1 No.50111
Puran Poli1 No.90306
Rice1 Bowl100111
Moong Khichadi1 Bowl113148
Warai Rice1 Bowl8075
Pulses/ Legumes Preparations
Chavli Usal1 Bowl104102
Chana Usal1 Bowl7396
Matki Usal1 Bowl8589
Peas1 Bowl130118
Moong Usal1 Bowl90102
Masur Usal1 Bowl7586
Rajmah1 Bowl84108
Potato Bhaji1 Bowl7873
Dodka Bhaji1 Bowl100129
Farasbi Bhaji1 Bowl5031
Gavar Bhaji1 Bowl5342
Bhendi Bhaji1 Bowl5746
Kobi Bhaji1 Bowl8885
Dudhi Bhaji1 Bowl6268
Tondli Bhaji1 Bowl7250
Vangi Bhaji1 Bowl7153
Flower Bhaji1 Bowl3738
Pumpkin Bhaji1 Bowl4950
Capsicum Bhaji1 Bowl12062
Alu Bhaji1 Bowl5027
Green Math Bhaji1 Bowl101160
Spinach Bhaji1 Bowl18085
Methi Bhaji1 Bowl4358
Kanda Paat Bhaji1 Bowl5051
Chavlai Bhaji1 Bowl5037
Dal Preparations
Moong Dal Curry1 Bowl10457
Masur Curry1 Bowl7875
Tur Dal Curry1 Bowl8153
Tur Dal Varan1 Bowl10066
Pithle1 Bowl100129
Coconut Chatni1 Spoon3144
Groundnut Chatni1 Spoon30173
Til Chatni1 Spoon30168
Apple1 No.12071
Banana1 No.6070
Figs1 No.4717
Custard Apple1 No.9094
Grapes1 Bowl280182
Guava1 No.8543
Jack Fruit1 Plate1917
Mango1 No.175130
Orange1 No.8541
Papaya1 Slice.4514
Pine Apple1 Slice6028
Pomegranate1 No.200130
Chikoo1 No.7574
Sweet Lime2 Slices209
Modak 2 Nos.70186
Shakarpali1 Plate76306
Basundi1 Bowl1001050
Rasagulla2 Nos.100186
Karanji2 Nos.96448
Pedha1 No.1457
Ice Cream1 Cup100201
Rava Laddoo1 No.45157
Bundi Laddoo1 No.50251
Besan Laddoo1 No.45243
Til Laddoo1 No.1571
Razgira Laddoo1 No.2074
Dinka Laddoo1 No.35207
Aliv Laddoo1 No.80338
Kaju Barfi1 No.1575
Amba Barfi1 No.130129
Kharvas1 No.50125
Shikran (1 Banana)1 Bowl115149
Shevai Kheer1 Bowl102198
Gajar Halva1 Bowl125348
Gulab Jaam2 Nos.38138
Jilebi1 No.2280
Shrikhand1 Bowl60202
Dry Fruits
Apricot3 Nos.533
Cashew Nut100593
Dates Dried1 No.619
Non Veg. Preparations
Mutton Preparation155274
Pomfret (Fried)2576
Glucose Biscuits1 No.732
Marie Biscuits1 No.836
Cream Biscuit1 No.1257
Salted Biscuit1 No.527
Nankatai1 No.944
Pattice1 No.48147
Ghee1 Tea Spoon545
Butter1 Tea Spoon36
Oil1 Tea Spoon545
Vegetable Ghee1 Tea Spoon545
Sugar1 Tea Spoon520
Honey1 Tea Spoon16
Jaggery1 Tea Spoon519
Equivalent Words
ChavliCow Peas
MatkiMoth Beans
TurRed Gram
MoongGreen Gram
ChanaBengal Gram
FarasbiFrench Beans
DodkaRidge Gourd
BhendiLadies Finger
KardaiSafflower Leaves
Kanda paatSpring onions
TondliIvy gourd
Lal bhopalaPumpkin
Dhobli (Simla) mirchiCapsicum

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