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I  am working as professor and head of orthopedics in a private medical college in Pune. Last year, at age 60, I felt that my weight had shot up to an alarming 84 kg (by my standards) in spite of my regular exercise which included some cycling and brisk walking.

When I decided to do something about it, I was very clear in my mind that I wanted no unhealthy methods which promise the moon. When I read about Dr. Nitin Gupte’s Slimming Centre in Pune Times, it appealed to me as a reasonable and scientific program. Subsequently, on meeting him, I was told about the Distance Program which suited me fine as I stay 35 km from Pune.

Initially, the going was tough and needed reserves of willpower while progress seemed rather slow. Having completed a year in July 2016, I can proudly claim to have achieved the target of weighing less than 75 kg. All it needed was sensible eating habits coupled with sustained exercise.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Nitin Gupte’s treatment after my wonderful experience. Becoming slim is what all of us desire but remaining energetic while at it, makes the real difference and gives his treatment the cutting edge.

Dr. Prashant Kamath,Orthopaedic Surgeon - Talegaon

While I always plan optimally perfect nutrition for everyone under my care keeping their normal, everyday food at it’s core, no one can follow the prescription cent per cent all the time. It is never possible, never expected and absolutely not needed. People can eat healthy around their food plan, an occasional deviation not withstanding, and still get excellent results.

A joint family who has not been taken into confidence about the daughter in law joining my Distance Program, or a doting old mother who wouldn’t have her dear son refuse to eat some high calorie dish she has so lovingly prepared for him, pose problems that one has to cope with if we have to succeed in delivering excellent results!

Dr. Prashant Kamath had similar limitations in following my food plan. And he wasn’t nearly fit enough to start with, in spite of his exercise. Hence the progress would always be slow. What is important is to trust me and hang on, not give up. And that’s what he precisely did! Hence the results!

He is perfectly slim now!

Not all can lose weight at an excellent pace, like say, Mr. Charudatta Belsare, but that’s perfectly fine! Each one should go at his or her own pace!

It is not the quantum of weight loss, 9 kg, but it is who he is, that makes the testimonial invaluable!

I am ever so thankful to him for giving me this invaluable testimonial.

Dr. Nitin GuptePune

My husband and I are both doctors by profession and are working in the UK.

I have been reading Dr. Nitin Gupte’s posts on Facebook platform since before lockdown and have been quite inspired by the stories / cases he used to share about his treating people with obesity related health issues.

I am not comfortable and do not believe in starving myself to reduce weight in any form of diet.

And I do believe that exercise and balanced nutrition are necessary to control weight and more importantly to keep one healthy and happy.

During and after lockdown both my husband and I started putting on weight more than expected both due to reduced physical activity during the lockdown and over eating. We did exercise but I guess we needed guidance.

I was within the range of normal weight ( upper side) but my husband had started to put on weight faster. We both are nearing our fifties and I realised something more serious has to be done both because of our age and also because of some blood reports.

That is when I contacted Dr. Gupte.

What I liked best about his treatment plan is that we were eating our normal daily food, ‘varan’, ‘bhat’, ‘bhaji’, ‘poli’, ‘koshimbeer’ on it, although bad, fried, fast food was understandably restricted.

On Dr. Gupte’s treatment process, we have to report our food and water consumption and exercise to him on daily basis and he advises us daily based on our report. This system works beautifully.

He was very supportive throughout our journey to getting slim and healthy. My husband initially needed convincing to join the program but once he joined, he strictly followed Dr. Gupte’s prescription.

I have weak knees so I had to go slow on exercise and I had so little weight to lose anyway, that my results were slow and I lost 2.5 kg while my husband lost a whopping 11 or 11.5 kg in three months

Initially I could barely walk 2 km, but now I am so much more fitter that I can easily run 8 km.

Thus my diet and fitness have improved hugely!

My husband was able to exercise much better and followed Dr. Gupte’s prescription strictly and the results were so good.

There is so much positive difference in our before and after photos within a span of 5 months, that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing them with Dr. Gupte, without his ever even asking for them!

Dr. Gupte’s advice is so easy to follow that we can follow it for a lifetime and that is what he expects us to do.

So I can strongly recommend that you entrust management of your weight and weight related health problems to him, if you too are looking to get slim and healthy on excellent nutrition and exercise regimen.

Dr. Ashwini Deshmukh, Birmingham, UK

When I Joined Dr. Nitin Gupte’s Slimming Centre 25 years ago, I witnessed my own friend lose 26 kg in seven months! We are both slim and healthy even today.

Since then, I have personally witnessed most of Dr. Nitin Gupte’s brilliant results. I have seen girls and ladies losing up to 37 kg with glowing skin and excellent hair health and people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, angioplasty, bypass, hypothyroidism, PCOD, abortions and infertility, swimming safely to overcome their problems. I have seen young boys losing 15 kg in one month for army entrances and saving their careers; people slimming down equally handsomely at his centre or at home, in his Distance Program, all over the world!.

Dr. Gupte basically plans, educates and inspires people to follow a healthy lifestyle. Only a healthy lifestyle can keep you slim and healthy. Doesn’t every cardiologist recommend the same to prevent heart disease?

Running after bogus programs promising to slim you down while you eat all you want and never exercise, can only lead to more weight gain and heart disease! There are no shortcuts to slimming!

Whether you prefer to slim down at his centre or at your home or gym, consulting Dr. Nitin Gupte is undoubtedly your best option.

Dr. Ulka ChobheRetired CMO - Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Over twenty five years ago, when Dr. Nitin Gupte started his pioneering slimming clinic in Pune, I referred three of my own patients to him, including an elderly mother and her daughter and a college lecturer. All three slimmed down superbly with Dr. Gupte, losing thirty two, thirty four and fourteen kg respectively,

Since then, I myself worked out at his centre for twenty five years and witnessed most of his excellent work from close quarters. I am very fit and healthy, even today, in my seventies. Dr. Gupte’s treatment revolving around a healthy, active lifestyle and excellent nutrition, is so easy to follow that you can slim down equally superbly under his treatment either at his centre or at your home, anywhere in the world, in his Distance Program. The stress-free treatment, the pain-free and enjoyable workout, the individual supervision, the amazing sense of wellbeing and the excellent results that you get at Dr. Gupte Centre are truly unmatched!

Poor quality nutrition and bad exercises offered in every program in the market can do untold damage to your health.

Consulting Dr. Nitin Gupte is your best option whether you are looking to slim down to simply look fabulous or to prevent or overcome high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, angioplasty, bypass, PCOD, miscarriages or infertility!

Dr. Sulochana PatilSenior Gynaecologist, Retired Honorary Gynaecologist - Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

Over twenty five years ago, I was amazed to see a young doctor start a slimming clinic in Pune, because it was such a novel clinic, way ahead of the time. I continue to be amazed all these years later, to see Dr. Nitin Gupte still inspire people with the same zeal and transparent integrity, to help them get slim and healthy by simply teaching them to lead a healthy lifestyle and become happy and peaceful!

I have never seen him use any bogus slimming machines or medicines, meal replacement shakes or so-called revolutionary diets. I have never seen him injure people with mindless exercise!

It’s only a slightly improved way of living that he helps people adapt! They lose weight and their blood pressures, sugars, cholesterol and lipid profiles correct themselves automatically, often getting rid of their medication altogether!

No wonder so many people have successfully lost 30 or 40 kg or more and have remained slim and healthy for decades under Dr. Nitin Gupte’s guidance! And I have had the privilege of watching most of his results personally, as I myself worked out at his Centre, for long years!

If you want to slim down under expert supervision, at his Centre or at your home, anywhere in the world, if you have lost all hopes of losing weight, going to Dr. Nitin Gupte, is undoubtedly your best option!

Dr. Veena KundalkarAssociate professor (retired) Anotomy - BJ Medical College

Dr. Nitin Gupte was a miracle find after years of trying fad diets and unsuccessful weight loss experiments. He tailored my diet to my regular food and didn’t recommend anything beyond a daily walk.

I lost 8 kg in two months and the daily walk has made me more energetic. This, in spite of my busy schedule as a medical student!

Would recommend to anyone who has given up on ‘lose weight quick’ schemes!

Arun Biju, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

I am a medical student at Bharati Vidyapeeth. I had gained 19 kg over the course of two years going up from 72 to 91 kg.

I am currently under the care of Dr. Nitin Gupte, who helped me lose an astounding 12 kg over a period of just two and half months.

The beauty of his regimen is that it’s absolutely simple and easy to follow on day to day basis.

I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight without any fancy regimen, to pay a visit to Dr. Gupte.

Sabeer Hameed, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

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