Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Abdominal Obesity Leads To High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Obesity is closely associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease. All four are also, largely, life style diseases. Abdominal obesity is known to lead to the triad of hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (abnormal blood fats and cholesterol levels) and type-2 diabetes. This triad leads to coronary heart disease.

Genetically, Indians are proven to be more prone to diabetes and heart disease. Our modern urban lifestyle has also become a fertile soil for the generation of the above diseases.

As all the conditions discussed above are largely life style diseases, improved life style can take care of obesity management and prevent, reverse or control diabetes and heart disease.

What you need to do is to lead a healthier lifestyle, inclusive of excellent nutrition, adequate exercises (with major emphasis on cardiovascular exercises) and sufficient rest and be mentally peaceful and happy. This will help you slim down and protect you from diabetes and heart disease.

So be prepared to accept a healthier lifestyle and become mentally peaceful and happy to truly become slim and healthy!

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