Simple Steps To Slimming

Step By Step Guide To Easy Weight Loss

If you truly want to slim down and stay slim and healthy for a lifetime, you must do exactly what is needed to protect yourself from heart disease and diabetes, viz. lead a healthy lifestyle and be mentally happy and peaceful.

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy nutrition, proper exercises, and sufficient rest.

Mental peace and happiness requires some change in attitude and taking up certain practices like pranayam and meditation. A little counseling and an open, receptive mind can do wonders.

This is precisely the line of treatment we plan, counsel and inspires you to follow. It works wonders for people either at our Centre or at their home, anywhere in the world!

Believe me, nothing else works!

The foundation of the therapy:

Acquire basic knowledge about the mechanism of weight balance, nutrition, and exercise. Ample, easy to understand information is available on this website on these subjects.

The actual action plan:

Here is what you can begin to do to lose weight happily, by eating your own, normal, everyday food sensibly and simply walking regularly to get slim, fit and healthy for a lifetime!

Have breakfast, lunch and dinner and ample fruits and milk in between.

Do not miss any meal.

Breakfast should include normal options like chapati, pohe, thalipith, idli, dosa, upama of healthy grains like rajgira, oats or dalia.

Lunch and dinner should include chapatis or bhakri, rice, dals like varan, amti, sambar and ample vegetables. You can also have fish and poultry.

Have plenty of fresh fruits, home skimmed milk or curds or buttermilk in between the three major meals.

If you eat chapatis and rice in large quantities, reduce the amount a little till you start losing weight. Reducing half a chapati and half a bowl rice in both meals may be enough for most people.

Use moderate amount of oil for cooking, four or five teaspoons should do the trick. Avoid eating oil free, boiled food.

Avoid the following groups of wrong foods:

High carbohydrates: Sugar, jaggery, honey, sago and refined flours.

High fats: Coconut, groundnuts, sesame, hydrogenated oils, cream, ghee, butter, cheese, fast food, bakery products and fried foods.

And walk! Just begin to walk at a comfortable pace, even 20 minutes twice a day will be fine, even 10 if you are unfit. Just begin. Don’t worry about whether it is good enough, just walk!

Slowly your fitness will improve and within days you will easily walk 30 minutes twice a day, morning and evening.

You will feel fresh and energetic, your skin will begin to glow with new found health, your hair health will improve. You will begin to feel and look younger, handsomer or prettier, whatever your age!

You will start losing weight happily and healthily!

You will look great and people will start noticing and paying you compliments.

Believe me, it is easy, Indian people under my care have been doing it all over the world for thirty five years!

Rest sufficiently. Adequate sleep is important for sound health.

Be mentally happy and peaceful. Be determined to stay calm and patient. Blunt conflicts. Give up aggression. Learn to enjoy little joys of life. Appreciate that there is much to be happy about. Take up practices like pranayam and meditation.

This is the pathway to ideal weight management. If you follow this system, the weight will drop, there will be dramatic improvement in cardiovascular fitness, blood pressure, lipid profile and blood sugar levels. Keeping stress under control will benefit everyone including people with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Pains including backache, joint pains, will vanish. Energy levels will improve. You will feel on top of the world.

Slimming healthily is not about restrictions on eating, it is all about making healthy choices of food and changing habits!

Golden Rule Of Slimming:

And when eating high calorie food is unavoidable, remember the Golden Rule Of Slimming:

Make sure you are as light after a meal as before it!

So, adopt a healthier lifestyle, be happy and peaceful and achieve superb slimming and comprehensive health for a lifetime.

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