Keeping Yourself Slim After Losing Weight

Being Slim And Healthy For A Lifetime!

Today millions of people all over the world are trying to lose weight all over the world. Naturally slimming programs of all kinds, selling everything under the sun as magic slimming treatments and glamorous gyms have mushroomed all over the world!

Most of these programs sell starvation based diets under one pretext or another, they include the so called slimming machines and medicines, various diets and meal replacement food packs or shakes.

Gyms are selling people the dream of developing sculpted bodies under the misguidance of expensive, mostly undertrained personal trainers and equally expensive protein supplements.

Neither kind of treatments really have any chance of helping people get truly slim and healthy long term. Most people can endure the starvation or the punishing exercises for a few weeks or months and then give up, only to quickly regain all the lost weight and then some more!

Millions fall prey to the huge and imaginative marketing of the bogus slimming programs and the razzle-dazzle showiness of the glamorous world of gyms.

Evidently, our best chance of maintaining weight after slimming down is losing weight on normal, everyday food and simple exercises that can be continued for a life time.

Unless we slim down on our own normal, everyday food, which is the absolutely healthy food for us, we have no chance of staying slim permanently. Chapati, bhakri, rice, dal, vegetables, milk and fruit and fish, if you are a non-vegetarian, comprise excellent nutrition. Idli, dosa, sambar are equally healthy if you are a South Indian.

In short, you must slim down on your ethnic food and not on any contrived, artificial diet that must be stopped sooner or later.

The appropriate slimming exercises must all be natural cardiovascular exercises which include the simplest range of exercises viz. walking, jogging, running, cycling, dancing and swimming. You may even use a treadmill, an elliptical trainer or an exercise cycle to lose weight. Even if you discontinue use of this equipment, you will have no problem maintaining weight even if you can walk adequately on long term basis. Simple walking is by far the easiest option of all exercises and most people on our ‘Distance Program’ find out that slimming and maintaining weight on walking alone is very much possible.

Thus you can eat healthy, normal, everyday food in about four meals including breakfast, lunch, an evening meal and dinner plus ample milk and fruits in between and at least walk briskly for half an hour everyday and keep off all the lost weight and stay fit and healthy permanently. Be peaceful, happy and contented along with this and you can protect yourself from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease too!

If eating healthy and walking can become as natural to you as bathing and brushing your teeth, you have won your battle against obesity for a life time!

To summarize, it is not difficult to be slim, fit and healthy for a lifetime, but you must be prepared to take up a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, at least walk regularly, rest sufficiently and be happy, peaceful and contended!

Keep in touch permanently to stay slim and healthy: I have had the opportunity to help a large number of Indian people all over the world get slim and healthy, often overcoming or preventing diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, many getting rid of their medications, and PCOD, miscarriages and infertility.

All these people will do well to remember that many of these diseases are guaranteed to return if they regained weight.

The best way for these people to ensure that they don’t regain weight is to keep in touch with me long term.

So I request all who have become slim and healthy under my care and conquered the above diseases to stay communicated with me permanently.

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