The CEO of a Top Automobile Industry Came to Me Demanding 25 Kg Weight Loss in 25 Weeks!

The CEO of a Top Automobile Industry Came to Me Demanding 25 Kg Weight Loss in 25 Weeks!

A few years back, my son, Anand, helped his old classmate lose 25 kg weight at our Centre, in our ‘In-Centre Program’.

A few days later the boy stunned his friend’s father with his amazing transformation, from a fat boy to a handsomely slim and fit young man. The gentleman was a globe-trotting CEO of the top automobile industry. He too wanted to lose 25 kg but didn’t know how it could be done as he travelled all week without any schedule, from Pune to Chennai and back and often travelled abroad.

He called and met me straight away, me because I look after the ‘Distance Program’ while my son looks after the ‘In-Centre Program’.

He came straight to the point and told me that he was very impressed with the results of his son’s friend and he too wanted to lose 25 kg!

‘How much maximum weight can I lose in a week?’

‘Half to one kg.’

‘Okay, then help me lose 25 kg in 25 weeks.’!

‘Not so fast! After all, Anand helped this boy lose 25 kg at our Centre and they are young men. And you travel constantly.’

‘But you said half to one kg a week was possible.’

‘Yes, that is the international standard, but it can’t be sustained over 25 continuous weeks, nor is it necessary. You have to stay slim and healthy for a lifetime, it doesn’t matter if you take a few months longer to lose 25 kg.’

But he is an extraordinary man and was too determined to lose weight quickly and lost a kg a week for the first 14 weeks! But slowly I convinced him to slow down a little. He achieved his goal and completed 25 kg soon!

He was gracious enough to lend me his testimonial for the website!

I hope he inspires more people to get slim and healthy, constant travel not withstanding!

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