PCOD Treatment In Pune

PCOD/PCOS Treatment In Pune

Losing Weight: The Best Treatment of PCOD or PCOS And Infertility in Pune

Today millions of young girls and women are suffering from PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and obesity related infertility.

Delayed or absent periods, excessive hair growth on face and pimples, obesity and enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts are diagnostic features of PCOD or PCOS.

Excessive production of androgens by the ovaries, hyperinsulinemia and anovulatory periods are the main features of the ailment.

At least a third of the ladies suffering from PCOD are infertile. PCOD is the commonest cause of infertility, as it prevents ovulation.

Women who conceive in spite of PCOD have a higher incidence of miscarriages, gestational diabetes and hypertension, preeclampsia and premature deliveries.

Ladies with delayed periods are also more prone to develop cancer of the lining of the uterus or endometrial cancer.

They are also more prone to develop hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart disease and strokes.

Thus it is vital that we treat PCOD properly.

The first line of treatment of PCOD or PCOS must always be weight reduction. Once a young lady loses weight, periods automatically become regular and PCOD is reversed.

Dr. Nitin Gupte has been successfully treating a large number of obese young ladies with PCOD for the past three decades. Many of them have overcome obesity, PCOD, infertility, stopped having miscarriages and become happy mothers.

He puts them on a healthy nutritional plan based on their own, normal, healthy, everyday food pattern and regular walks and they begin to lose weight steadily and soon start getting their periods regularly. As the girls slim down, the PCOD is reversed and the sonograms improve.

These young ladies conceive naturally without medication, have safe pregnancies and successfully become happy mothers.

In fact, every young lady must be given a chance to fight off PCOD and infertility by eating healthy, exercising and losing weight first, before they are put on complex, stressful and expensive artificial fertility treatments. But in practice, these hapless and psychologically vulnerable couples are straight away put through fertility treatments, for reasons not too difficult to understand.

The young ladies put on oral contraceptives get periods regularly only till the course is on and then go back to being as irregular as before.

Medication like Clomifene and metformin are also prescribed to stimulate ovulation and reduce insulin resistance, but both can be naturally achieved by getting the girls to get slimmer and fitter.

All young ladies put on oral contraceptives and other fertility treatments suffer from unpleasant side effects, nausea, oedema and weight gain. Most are miserable and highly stressful during the treatment and chances of success are small.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly and losing weight is a far more assured, safe, happy, healthy  and enjoyable way of overcoming obesity, PCOD and infertility. Ladies also develop much better skin and hair health.

The most important feature of Dr. Nitin Gupte’s treatment is his ability to help young ladies relax and overcome their depression and become happy and positive as they get slimmer and fitter and the periods become regular and it goes a long way in overcoming infertility.

Such young ladies are also much fitter and much better protected against the ailments associated with PCOD, viz. miscarriages, gestational diabetes and hypertension, preeclampsia and premature deliveries and are much more comfortable during child birth.

Time and time again, Dr. Gupte has successfully helped young women overcome obesity, PCOD and infertility, to become happy and relieved mothers, after they have endured frustrating failures on every expensive fertility treatment available, for years!

You can read some of their success stories on the ‘Testimonials’ page of Dr. Nitin Gupte’s website www.drnitingupte.com, although very few ladies would actually choose to go public on such private and intimate issue.

So if you are suffering from obesity and PCOD, with or without infertility, your best option is to go to Dr. Nitin Gupte before you take up hormones and other fertility treatments. And he can treat you at your home, not just in Pune, but also anywhere else in the world on his ‘Distance Program’.

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