Finding The Best Weight Loss Treatment To Eliminate Risk Factors!

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Finding The Best Weight Loss Treatment To Eliminate Risk Factors!

Today millions of people all over the world are suffering from obesity and various pains and diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, PCOD, miscarriages, and infertility those accompany it!

People are so frustrated with obesity and its accompanying diseases that they are constantly searching for and hoping that some brand new, magic weight-loss treatment will come along in Pune, or anywhere else they may be in the world and help them lose weight effortlessly.

No wonder then that the weight loss treatments in Pune and also all over the world have become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Most weight loss treatments in Pune or anywhere else in the world today are busy luring these hapless people, selling them expensive dreams of effortless weight loss with some revolutionary, magic diet, slimming machine or medicine or meal replacement shakes!

But behind the facade of each of these magic treatments lies the inevitable starvation based diets. No one on these treatments can escape the dangerous ill effects of starvation and luckily most people find the diet too tough and become miserable on them and quit it within a few weeks or months. They are the lucky ones. Those who persist, flirt with great danger, even death!

Starvation forces the body to lose glycogen, water, and proteins. The result is they become wrinkled, shrivelled and dehydrated, without really looking appreciably slimmer.

Soon people start feeling weak, get anaemic and unfit and generally feel unwell. The initial false sense of weight loss encourages some to carry on starvation for some more time causing more deficiencies. Apart from anemia, there will be a loss of body proteins and deficiency of most micronutrients. Calcium loss is common. It can lead to dental caries, bone pains and osteoporosis.

Constipation, fissures, and haemorrhoids (or piles) are also common.

Hyperacidity, severe digestive tract disorders including ulcers, colitis, and mal-absorption syndromes are common side effects of sustained starvation. There will pain in the abdomen, indigestion, gases and loose motions. They can become a lifetime disability.

People on liquid diets may develop cholecystitis, inflammation of the gall bladder and gall stones.

Sustained low-calorie diets depresses the metabolic rate, that is, the body burns fewer calories throughout the day than before. So people gain more weight than they lost, as soon as they stop these diets.

On the other hand of the spectrum are the gyms, their super expensive, muscular trainers, heavy, painful and often injurious weight training and punishing floor exercises, bad diets prescribed by the trainer or inexperienced dieticians and expensive protein powders. They unleash injuries and misery on their hapless clients!

That is why hardly anyone loses weight at all in gyms, even short term!

That is the reason why you should choose the best weight loss program, in Pune, or from anywhere else, very carefully so that you can eliminate all the possible risk factors!

The only way one can actually get slim, fit and healthy for a lifetime, is to eat one’s own, healthy, normal, everyday food sensibly and at least walk adequately and regularly, things those ones can take up for a lifetime, things those are sustainable for a lifetime! Any number of people under my care world over can confirm this!

This is the exact treatment that we plan and inspire people to follow, supervise and advise them on day to day basis and guide them till they reach their goals of weight and health, overcome their illnesses and become slim and healthy! These people get lifetime support for maintenance, too!

So if you too are frustrated with obesity and its accompanying illnesses, if you too have failed everywhere else, if you too are looking for the best available weight loss treatment in Pune, or from anywhere else in the world, your quest should end with us!

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