Golden Tips To Healthy Weight Loss!

Golden Tips To Healthy Weight Loss!

Weight Loss Tips To Get Slim and Healthy!

Diets never work!

At least not long term.

All diets are low calorie and most border on starvation.

Doesn’t matter which category diet you try.

You never feel good on a diet.

On any kind of diet, you soon start feeling the the ill effects.

You lose glycogen and the water molecules associated with it and you get dehydrated.

Glycogen is a carbohydrate that is stored majorly in our liver and muscles and is used as a ready source of energy that the body can draw upon whenever needed.

Every gram of glycogen is associated with three gm of water.

It means that on a very low calorie diet you are going to not only lose glycogen but also three times its weight in water!

So people on low calorie diets experience a quick initial drop of weight more because of dehydration and glycogen loss than fat loss!

You keep feeling hungry and irritable, you feel run down instead of feeling fresh and energetic, you soon start feeling fatigued and tired all day.

You get constipated and there could be discomforting gases, you could end up developing fissures and piles.

You start suffering from hyper acidity which you may never have experienced before then.

In general you feel miserable.

If there is weight loss, you may initially see your blood pressure and blood sugar dipping a little and this may lure you into continuing with these diets.

You will soon start suffering from various nutritional deficiencies.

Your haemoglobin starts going down and you start looking pale and anaemic.

You begin to lose proteins from the collagen connective tissue holding your skin firm and it begins to wrinkle and sag and you start looking older. You also lose muscle mass and proteins from other tissues and organs.

Your bones start losing calcium and you develop bone pains and later osteopenia and osteoporosis, if you persist with these diets.

Some people still manage to hang on to these for months and even lose 10 or 20 kg braving such diets.

But it is impossible to continue with these diets for ever and the weight bounces back and the blood pressure and sugar climb back with vengeance as soon as they start eating their regular food.


But then how should we eat to lose weight healthily?

If we really want to be slim and healthy for a lifetime, we must lose weight on our own normal, every day food, viz. chapati, rice, bhakri, dal / varan / amti, usal and vegetables.

Or idli, dosa, sambar, rice, if you are a South Indian.

And we must have at least breakfast, lunch and dinner as the major meals and ample low fat dairy (low fat milk, curds, buttermilk) and fruits in between the major meals.

This gives you the best balanced food even if you are a vegetarian.

It not only provides balanced nutrition and keeps you feeling satiated all day and night, it also prevents development of hyper acidity.

Non vegetarians can also have eggs, fish and flesh in appropriate kind and amounts.

But if you are a vegetarian, you needn’t add eggs or chicken or protein powders to your food just to lose weight.

You can definitely lose weight on a vegetarian diet.

A lacto-vegan diet (vegetarian diet plus milk) is very much a well balanced diet.

This is the only kind of food plan that we can follow all our lives.

Simply because this is how we have eaten all our lives, for generations.

And no other kind of diet can make you slim and healthy for a lifetime because we cannot live on any other kind of diet for a lifetime.

All we need is to learn to eat our own normal, daily food, only nutritionally fine tuned with a little bit of discipline and at least walk regularly, to get slim and healthy for a lifetime!

And this discipline is enjoyable for most people and not in any way bothersome!



Diets are temporary and so are their results,

Eating healthy is permanent and so are its results!


And all you need is to eat healthy and walk regularly to get slim and healthily for a lifetime.

And if you are younger and fitter, you can jog, run, dance, take up aerobics, pedal a stationary exercise bike or a street bicycle, swim if you are an expert swimmer, or workout on treadmill or an elliptical trainer, or play a fast sport like tennis. In short take up any cardiovascular activity that you enjoy to become slim, fit and heart healthy, for a lifetime.

Yoga, floor exercises or lifting weights (strength training) won’t burn comparable calories and will not help you lose weight as well, or get as heart healthy, as the cardiovascular exercises will.


This quote of a great American philosopher, thinker, author and philanthropist, perfectly sums up the philosophy of our process of the treatment of getting slim and healthy perfectly:

‘When we begin to work on ourselves, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It’s ok if that happens. It’s the beginning of the process. It’s untangling of old threads. We need to just flow with it. It takes time and effort to learn what we need to learn. We might not see changes instantly.

Impatience is the only resistance to learning. It means we want the goal without going through the process. We need to let ourselves learn, step by step. It will get easier as we go along.’

Louise L Hay


And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Lose weight at your own comfortable pace, focus only on the process and keep following it and your body will take care of the rest.

As you begin to follow the process, you will begin to feel fresh and energetic, your fitness will improve, you will start looking slimmer, healthier and younger, your skin and complexion will begin to glow with your newfound health and your hair health will improve significantly.

Soon your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin levels will start improving and you will be protected against hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and strokes and PCOD, infertility and miscarriages and many other chronic diseases including some cancers.

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