Losing Four Kg Extra Weight Improves Health Immeasurably!

Losing Four Kg Extra Weight Improves Health Immeasurably!

Losing Ten Percent Of Your Extra Weight Could Be Life Saving!

Millions of people all over the world are obese today and many of them are suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and strokes, PCOD, miscarriages and infertility.

And most of them are confused and frustrated with their failure to lose weight on all kinds of wrong treatments. Most of them are also overwhelmed with the daunting task of losing 30 – 40 kg or more weight. So they continue to suffer from the ill effects of their obesity, not knowing how they can lose all that much overweight.

What they do not know is that losing even 10 per cent of their extra weight can improve most of their health problems dramatically!

Every 4 kg extra weight puts nearly 20 kg of extra load on your lower body joints and wears them down that much faster, causing arthritis.

Losing those 4 kg can ease that much load on those joints and slows down the progression of arthritis. Keeping them off may even prevent it long term.

It will also help lower your blood pressure levels significantly.

The combined effects of exercise and weight loss has been shown to reduce systolic blood pressure by 12.5 mm and diastolic blood pressure by 8 mm in overweight or obese people.

It will also lower the blood sugar and help prevent or control diabetes better and also help lower the doses of the diabetic medications in those who already have it. It also helps prevent other health problems related to diabetes, like heart disease, strokes, kidney and eye damage.

Excess total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are harmful to our health. Excess LDL cholesterol gets deposited in your arteries causing atherosclerosis and choking of the coronary arteries leading to heart attacks or myocardial infarctions.

HDL cholesterol clears and cleanses up the LDL cholesterol deposits from the arteries and prevents atherosclerosis and the choking of the coronary arteries and keeps the heart healthy.

It is this vital HDL cholesterol that is low in people who develop coronary artery disease.

Cholesterol lowering medications not only lower the levels of the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol but often they may also lower the levels of HDL cholesterol.

The more assured way to increase the HDL cholesterol levels is to brisk walk regularly and lose weight. Even losing those extra 4 kg by eating healthy and brisk walking regularly will raise the HDL levels.

High levels of triglycerides also are associated with heart disease. Eating well, brisk walking and losing those few kg will also help lower your triglycerides levels.

Losing those 4 kg will also lower the levels of certain hormones like insulin, oestrogen and androgens, high levels of which are associated with some cancers, especially breast cancer. Losing those few kg can reduce the incidence of breast cancer by as much as 12 per cent.

It can improve the insulin tolerance of the cells of the body tissues and this helps lower your blood sugar and insulin and it can help reverse pre diabetes or control diabetes better.

The same benefits are also seen in those who walk at least 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Exercising and losing those few kg will improve sleep, reduce depression and improve mood and self esteem.

Sleep apnoea is a common health problem of the obese and a heart disease precursor. Losing those few kg will help improve the condition significantly.

Fat cells, especially those around the belly, can release chemicals those cause inflammation in tissues all over the body. This is linked to health problems like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and strokes. Only a few kg weight loss will help lower the amount of these substances and lower your chances of developing these serious illness.

Including ample vegetables, fruits, low fat milk and whole grains and pulses in your daily food, eating fish a couple of times a week, keeping your meat consumption low and brisk walking regularly are the keys to keeping your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and total cholesterol levels normal, your LDL cholesterol low and HDL cholesterol levels high and keeping you heart healthy and preventing hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and many cancers!

It will help many ladies overcome obesity related PCOD and infertility and prevent miscarriages.

In short, they are the key to overall health!

So stop worrying about losing all of 20, 30 or 40 or more kg, start eating healthy and begin brisk walking regularly and lose the first 4 kg and see how much better you feel and how much fitter and healthier you become!

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  • Snehal Mahamuni Reply

    Respected Dr. My height is 5.3 n weight is around 65 kg. Pls advise. My c section delivery got done in 2011 in your Gupte hospital n gestational sugar was detected during pregnancy. Glycicated sugar report was controlled always.Thanks

    May 16, 2021 at 7:06 am

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