Slimming Successfully, In Spite Of Corona!

Slimming Without Stepping Out Of Your Home

Slimming Successfully, In Spite Of Corona!

Slimming Without Stepping Out Of Your Home!

Today the dreaded Corona pandemic means, our safety lies in staying confined to our homes, at least for the next few months, till the pandemic is controlled.

But the health of millions of overweight people across the globe also depends upon their losing or not losing weight in not too distant future! Some may be threatened more than others! Some may be looking to lose weight for personal reasons like an upcoming event like their own wedding or a one in their close family.

But what choices do they have under the life-threatening pandemic of Coronavirus?

Even the heavily advertised commercial slimming programs, including gyms, selling highly questionable treatments also require you to go over to their premises, which you can hardly risk now!

My ‘Distance Program’ is finely tuned to help people all over the world, get slim and healthy, for over three and a half decades now, with or without meeting me personally or stepping out of home, with equal felicity!

Pune people naturally meet me more often than those abroad or from other towns in India, but a few never do, like a middle-aged Marathi lady from Hyderabad, who lost an amazing twenty-five kg, without ever meeting me! A young man in Frankfurt, originally from Satara, now a German citizen, lost sixteen kg to protect himself from a strong family history of diabetes from catching up with him, met me for the first time only after losing twelve kg when he visited home to India for his annual vacation in July!

This means that if you want to lose weight with a degree of urgency in these difficult times, then it is best that you take a treatment that is completely consultation based and which can be executed completely without leaving the safety of your home.

That is exactly how my ‘Distance Program’ is designed. The entire treatment is manageable online and on video or audio calls, without having either to meet me in person or to step out of your home even for walks!

People invariably contact me by calling or mail or by using the ‘Make A Quick Inquiry’ or the ‘Feedback’ form on my website, some with a word of mouth reference, some finding me on Google.

People from Pune meet me for a free initial inquiry visit after I mail them the basic information and the process of the treatment and a few links of some important pages on the website. People outside Pune and India, join without the benefit of this visit, with only a voice call for more inquiry.

But now we are replacing this personal visit with a video call for everyone who wishes to learn everything about the treatment, till the Corona pandemic threat continues.

The ‘Distance Program’ treatment essentially revolves around planning and helping you to adopt a healthy lifestyle including a healthy nutritional plan based on your own, normal, everyday food and exercise as simple as walking or spot marching or jogging depending upon your age and fitness. We can also use a cardiovascular exercise machine like a treadmill or an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike if you have one at home. This means you don’t have to step out of the safety of your home even for exercise!

There is no starving under bogus slimming machines, medicines, meal replacement shakes or magic diets, no painful workout and protein supplements, no psychological torture involved!

Once the treatment is planned, people under my care all over the world, tell me every day exactly what they have eaten, how much water they have consumed and how much and which exercise they have taken and also its intensity, thanks to modern-day tools of communication and measurement of exercise. People report daily and receive daily advice from me, based on their daily reports.

This excellent system of daily reports and advice, ensures proper execution of the program of every person under my care, dramatically improving results!

Those who are completely satisfied with the full information about the treatment can join the treatment online. Further treatment can proceed completely online!

So, if you wish to start the treatment urgently without waiting for the threat of Corona to get over, without leaving the safety of your home, you can safely join my ‘Distance Program’!

I can guarantee absolutely safe and healthy slimming very much at your home, anywhere in the world!

Call or write to me for more information and to set up a video call for directly talking to me.

Visit the ‘Testimonial’, the ‘Doctors Recommend Us’, the ‘Distance Program’ and the ‘Contact Us’ pages on this website for more information.

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