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Uric Acid, Gout And Kidney Stones!

Raised Levels Of Blood Uric Acid, Gout And Kidney Stones! Many people suffer from raised levels of uric acids in their blood. Often this condition is found in routine renal function tests. Most often this condition is ignored if the rise is borderline. But left untreated, long term rise in uric acid could cause chronic […]

Fatty Liver Disease Or Hepatic Steatosis

Kinds Of Fatty Liver Disease Or Hepatic Steatosis Obese people have a greater risk of developing hypertension, diabetes or heart disease, than the slim people. And most obese people know that they have these diseases. But most obese people also have fatty liver disease, which is as dangerous a disease as any! And few obese […]

Acute And Chronic Inflammation!

The Root Cause Of Diseases Like Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancers! Everyone knows hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis and cancers. Few know that the root cause of these dangerous disease is inflammation! What is inflammation? We have all experienced injuries from our childhood when we fell and scratched our skin of legs and hands […]

Choosing A Healthy Cooking Oil!

How To Choose A Healthy Cooking Oil! This is a delicate and controversial issue, involving complex scientific research which is still underway and emotions and geographical preferences and commercial interests of oil seed producers and the oil industry. We have already seen in the ‘Heart Health Poster Boy Olive Oil Vs Groundnut Oil’ article on […]