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Wheat Is A Healthy Cereal!

Wheat Is As Healthy As Any Other Cereal! Wheat is the second largest cultivated cereal crop of the world. Next to rice, wheat is the largest staple food of the world population. The crop cultivation covers more land than any other cereal in the world. Its turnover in the world market is larger than that […]

Intermittent Fasting

Studying The Effects Of Intermittent Fasting On Health Intermittent fasting is as ancient as civilisation and has been practiced in all religions for centuries. An ‘enthusiastic’ paper published by a British doctor over a hundred years ago and lapped up merrily by lay press and very energetically canvassed from time to time by some enthusiastic […]

Benefits Of Exercise After Meals

Effect Of Post Meal Exercise On Weight, Blood Sugar And Insulin Exercise any time is extremely beneficial to our health and its effects on your our health are well documented in international research. Exercise boosts the levels of endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters, Reduces stress, Lifts gloom and depression, Improves self-esteem, Improves cardiovascular fitness, Improves lung […]

Glycemic Index (GI) And Glycemic Load (GL)

Learning What GI And GL Are And How They Affect Blood Sugar Most people have heard about the Glycemic Index (GI) And Glycemic Load (GL). Let’s learn what they exactly are. Glycemic Index is a numerical value assigned to a food as per how quickly or slowly it raises your blood sugar when compared with […]