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Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Healthy Food Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

Today millions of people all over the world are frustrated with obesity and the dangerous diseases associated with it. Most of them would give anything to find a perfectly healthy weight loss diet.

Are you one of them?

This is how we can plan a safe, simple and healthy weight loss food plan that you can follow all your life.

Our breakfast generally includes dishes like chapatis, pohe, upama, idli, dosa and thalipith.

Our lunch and dinner include chapatis, bhakri, rice, dals, and vegetables.

The food of South Indians revolves around idli, dosa and rice and sambar.

Of these chapatis, bhakri and rice are made from cereals.

Dals and sambar are made from pulses.

Idli and dosa are made from rice and udid dal, so they include both cereals and pulses.

Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, nachani, oats, and corn are cereals.

Red gram, green gram, Bengal gram, lentils, and legumes are pulses.

Together they not only provide us with adequate carbohydrates and energy, a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fiber but also most of our protein needs.

Fruits and vegetables provide us with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber to make our food more complete.

The cooking oil and the concealed fat in every food that we eat provide us with the essential fats that we need.

Eating a wide variety of foods along these provides us with adequate nutrition including vitamins and minerals.

In addition to this, we need to ensure that we get enough Vitamin B12, the essential fats omega 3 and Vitamin D, too.

Vitamin B12 is available only in animal source foods like milk, eggs, flesh, and fish.

Vegetarians need to consume 2.5 to 3 cups of milk every day to get the necessary Vitamin B12 daily.

Omega 3 fatty acids are an important component of the essential fats that our body needs. Amongst other functions, they also protect our heart from coronary artery disease.

Omega 3 is of two types, the sea source and the vegetable source omega 3.

Of these, the sea source omega 3 is more potent in protecting the heart than the vegetable source omega 3.

Unfortunately, it is available only in sea fish. But few Indians eat fish.

One solution to this problem is to take omega 3 supplements.

There are very few natural food sources of Vitamin D. Fortunately our bodies build Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight. We can get adequate Vitamin D by getting exposed to about 5 minutes of sunlight daily.

Thus chapati, rice, bhakri, idli, dosa, dal, sambar, usal, pithla, vegetables, milk, fruit and sea fish and a healthy cooking oil make up a completely balanced diet!

Along with this, we also have to avoid the following high carbohydrate and high-fat foods to keep our calorie consumption moderate.

Avoid high carbohydrate foods like Sugar, jaggery, sago, honey, rava, maida and refined flours.

Avoid high-fat foods like groundnuts, coconut, sesame, cream, ghee, butter, cheese, and full cream paneer.

Also avoid fried foods, bakery products, and fast foods.

This is the simplest, safest and healthiest food plan that you can follow lifelong to become slim and healthy for a lifetime. Call it the healthiest weight loss diet, if you like!

Once you settle into this kind of food plan and you can reduce a little bit of rice and chapatis from your meals, even half a chapati and half a bowl rice would be fine for most people and start walking twice a day. Slowly you can reach a level of a brisk walk of half an hour twice a day.

If you persist, you will start losing weight healthily and happily and slim down in due course of a few months, your skin and hair health will be at their best and your blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides levels will correct themselves and you will get fighting fit.

This is the only safe and simple way of living that can make you slim and healthy for a lifetime!

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What Makes Us The Best Obesity Clinic In Pune

What Makes Us The Best Obesity Clinic In Pune

Over three and half decades ago, as a young doctor, I was absolutely convinced that obesity and its accompanying diseases like various pains, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and strokes and PCOD, miscarriages and infertility amongst ladies were going to spread like wildfire amongst the affluent Indians in decades to come.

And there was hardly any initiative from the medical world towards helping the masses to become aware of these risks, far less make available scientific treatment to fight and prevent obesity.

That was the reason why I set up my pioneering obesity clinic in Pune back in the eighties.

I was the first doctor to set up what then was the novel obesity clinic in Pune or perhaps anywhere else in India, with a full-fledged exercise unit.

I knew that nobody could eat anything other than their own, normal, everyday food for a lifetime, nobody could ‘diet’ all their lives. I knew that diets are temporary and so are their results!

I knew that I had to plan excellent nutrition for people under my care, from their own, normal, everyday food and get them used to exercising regularly and happily to make them slim and healthy for a lifetime!

That is exactly what we put people under my care through, at my well-equipped obesity clinic in Pune. Meeting people every day, understating what they can follow easily and happily to enjoy slimming down without any pressures quickly taught me all I needed to learn to treat Indian people at their homes all over the world, on my consultation based ‘Distance Slimming Program’.

I did exactly that to people under my care and never had a moment to repent. I quickly learned how to manage people on a daily basis as I was meeting and guiding them on a daily basis. I learned very early what suited people and what didn’t. So I could perfect my line of treatment from the start of my practice and we got brilliant results day in day out.

A decade later, my fears about the exponential spread of obesity amongst affluent Indians were coming true and more and more people were falling prey to it and its accompanying diseases mentioned above.

Soon the obesity treatment market became a billion rupee industry in our country and obesity clinics and slimming treatments of various kinds and gyms started mushrooming in Pune and all over India.

But most of these treatments continue to sell people either starvation based diets under one expensive bogus pretext or another or selling them exercises under expensive personal trainers of dubious training and equally expensive protein supplements in posh gyms.

And the self-styled obesity clinics in Pune and everywhere else are selling people the dream of slimming them down effortlessly under magic slimming machines or medicines or magic diets or meal replacement shakes or food packs, under huge publicity.

But all they are really giving people are ill health, injuries, failures, and frustrations!

People frustrated with obesity and its accompanying illnesses continue to fall easy prey to the huge and alluring advertisements of these treatments or gyms and soon get even more frustrated when they experience that they can’t sustain these treatments and regain any lost weight and some more in a short time!

Today Dr. Nitin Gupte Obesity Clinic has inadvertently become the last destination of Indian people who have failed to get slim and healthy in Pune or anywhere else in the world!

And they are immediately surprised to experience a totally new kind of perfectly designed treatment plan in which they eat their own, normal, everyday food, only fine-tuned just a little by me, to make it perfect in terms of nutrition and most often, walk themselves to excellent slimming, health and fitness, very much at their own homes, anywhere in the world, under my daily guidance!

Every minutest detail is planned perfectly, based on the science of health and nutrition that is explained in simple, easy to understand articles on my website and every question that comes to their minds has already been answered hundreds of times before and is also explained in detail on my website, for their ready reference.

It is a very simple treatment, precisely defined and easy to follow, at home, anywhere in the world. And modern-day communication tools have made it very easy for people under my care to report to me daily, their food and water consumption and exercise and for me to guide them daily, based on their reports.

Excellent, precise, easy to follow the treatment plan, daily reporting and advice and constant inspiration make us the best Obesity Clinic based in Pune that is successfully treating Indians all over the world!

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