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Corona Kills the obese people easily

The Mortal Threat Of Corona For The Obese!

Corona Can Cause Severe Complications And Higher Mortality In The Obese!

In a recent study of the people admitted in ICU in UK hospitals, with severe complications of Corona infection, published in the Daily Mail, two-third are overweight or obese or morbidly obese. and although the average age of those with severe complications is about sixty-four, thirty-seven percent are under the age of sixty.

It means that the overweight and obese are, like they are to all other illnesses and infections, more vulnerable to the threat of the Corona infection and also that even the younger people too are not safe from the severe complications of Corona infection. More so if they are obese.

The immune systems of the obese people are constantly so busy fighting against the inflammatory processes that go on in the bodies of the obese, trying to contain them and repair the damage caused by them that there are no resources available for the bodies of the obese, to fight against the new infection of the Coronavirus.

Plus the excess fat in the chest and the abdomen prevents the diaphragm and lungs to expand and inhale oxygen. Starved of oxygen, organs will begin to fail.

The COVID-19 virus kills by spreading deep into the lungs and causing complications such as pneumonia.

The virus finds it easier to invade deep into the oxygen-starved lungs of the obese than the lungs of the slimmer, fitter, healthier people, whose immune systems are stronger.

Many obese people also suffer from critical illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, liver, PCOS/PCOD, and kidney diseases. These diseases make people all the more prone to succumb to Corona than to recover from the infection.

The diets of the obese are also more likely to be deficient in fiber, vitamin, and mineral-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, which bolster the immune systems of the body.

Exercise also bolsters immunity by increasing certain immune cells of the body. The obese also lack exercise. Hence they are always immunocompromised and succumb to infections faster.

The arteries of the obese are also more atherosclerotic and clogged and the immune cells are prevented from reaching various parts of the body to defeat infections, fast enough.

This probably explains why the obese are more prone to severe complications of generally all infections including Corona.

So, whether you are obese or not, stay home, stay safe, eat healthily and begin to at least walk regularly at home. Use the compulsory homestay to lose as much weight as you can and get fitter! And don’t stop even after the Corona threat is over, the newer weight and fitness will continue to protect you against all the new infections that will invade the world in the future! If you have any queries regarding how to lose weight at home then you contact our obesity clinic in Pune.

We have no choice but to stay home, stay safe and get a slim, fit and healthy as we can, while we have the time at our disposal now! Our very survival depends upon it!

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How To Choose The Best Slimming Center In Pune?

Today millions of people in India are suffering from obesity, various pains and disabilities, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and PCOD, miscarriages and infertility and many more illnesses associated with obesity.

Recognising this, much before most people, Dr. Nitin Gupte started his pioneering ‘Slimming Center in Pune, three and half decades ago. It was a first doctor run ‘Slimming Center’ in Pune that was well equipped with the best available cardiovascular equipment of those times!

Pune was a much smaller city then and there was much less traffic on the roads than now.

The health club culture was yet to arrive and there was no other ‘Slimming Center’ in Pune.

So the news that a young doctor had started a ‘Slimming Center in Pune, spread quickly and people needing to lose weight to simply look their best or to overcome the various illnesses steadily kept coming to Dr. Nitin Gupte to follow his excellent and easy food plan and worked out daily under his close supervision and got slim and healthy in a relaxed, enjoyable process. The whole practice of Dr. Nitin Gupte spread simply by excellent word of mouth publicity. Many renowned specialists doctors of that era availed the benefits of his expertise.

At the beginning of his practice, Dr. Nitin Gupte helped two young men from Mumbai and Khandala and an elite class Pune lady lose 36, 56 and 27 Kg respectively!

That set the tone of his practice and he never looked back! The top Pune daily and top Marathi magazines began printing Dr. Gupte’s articles on obesity treatment! He was soon recognised as the leading authority on obesity management.

Indian people started consulting him from all over the world, in his ‘Distance Program’ and Dr. Gupte proved beyond any doubt that he could help people get slim and healthy anywhere in the world as long as they were Indians and ate Indian food and were willing to walk and lead a healthy lifestyle! He didn’t need them to exercise under his supervision!

Three decades later he helped a young IIT alumnus settled in Frankfurt lose 16 kg to protect himself from a strong family history of diabetes and the globetrotting CEO of a  top automobile industry lose 25 Kg, in spite of nonstop flying between different cities and countries!

In between, Dr. Gupte has helped numerous Indian people including specialist doctors all over the world, overcome obesity and its accompanying diseases, often getting rid of their medication, by simply planning, educating and inspiring people to make small, but significant changes to their lifestyle and their normal, everyday food and walk regularly!

You can read their stories on the ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Doctors Recommend Us’ pages and the basic science of slimming and healthy living on the ‘Science Of Slimming’ and ‘Recent Posts’ links on Dr. Gupte’s website, www.drnitingupte.com.

While all other slimming Centers and gyms are either starving people under bogus slimming machines, medicines, meal replacement shakes or diets, or put them on painful workout and protein supplements, under huge psychological torture, Dr. Nitin Gupte is helping people get slim and healthy happily, in Pune and also all over the world in his ‘Distance Program’ by simply planning, educating and inspiring people to eat and live healthy!

The easiest way to choose the best ‘Slimming Center’ in Pune is to compare the websites of all the available treatments, see the presence or the lack of scientific information of the science of slimming and health, and visit each program to find out the process and results of the program.

Then if you find Dr. Nitin Gupte to be the best in the field, you can get in touch with him from the ‘Contact Us’ page of his website.

Overcoming Obesity Related Infertility

Weight Loss Should Be The First Treatment For Obesity Related Infertility!

On 5th May 2017, Ms Sarika Shukla, 30, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 93 kg young lady came to me, looking for my help in losing weight that apparently was preventing her from conceiving even after 3 or 4 years of expensive and frustrating fertility treatments that had failed completely, under a well known Pune gynecologist. After spending a few lacs and undergoing two expensive laparoscopies, a doctor relative severely admonished her and sent her to me.

She had also spent huge amounts on trying to lose weight on a few heavily advertised, self-styled slimming centers in Pune, without any success, before coming to me.

I had hoped against hope that she would lose at least 25 to 30 kg weight before she conceived.

No such luck!

Put on a healthy nutritional plan and regular walks, she lost some 4 kg and conceived naturally in a month’s time.

She delivered a healthy baby, absolutely safely, without any complications during pregnancy or delivery.

A few years earlier, a 28 year old, 5 feet tall, 70 kg young lady was referred to me by a top infertility expert in Pune. The lady, whose name I am not at liberty to disclose, is the daughter in law of a famous construction family in Kothrud, Pune and both husband and wife are ayurvedic doctors. She was unable to conceive even on extensive fertility treatments as well as ayurvedic treatments, after suffering from nine miscarriages! Needless to say that she was more sad and depressed than Sarika.

I assured her that we would overcome her problems in a few months and that she should relax, get happy and positive and stop worrying about pregnancy and that everything will fall in place when she loses weight healthily.

She lost 18 kg with me, lost all her gloom, became happy and positive and conceived naturally, without any fertility treatment. This time the slim and fit young lady had no complications of pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby safely.

She too had spent a fortune on many obesity clinics in Pune, without losing weight.

Today millions of women all over the world are suffering from PCOD, menstrual dysfunctions and anovulation, lower conception rates, infertility, higher miscarriage rates and a higher rate of complications during pregnancy.

Most ladies suffering from PCOD are overweight or obese, many of them also suffer from hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, some of them also suffer from hypothyroidism and many have difficulty in conceiving or are infertile.

The easily perceivable common condition running in most of these ladies is obesity. What is less easily perceivable is that many of these ladies may eat bad and may have sedentary lifestyles.

I have been helping young ladies all over the world, overcome obesity, often with PCOD, history of one or more miscarriages and also infertility, for three and a half decades.

In actual practice, I have found that the root cause of obesity and PCOD, and obesity-related miscarriages and infertility, are bad eating and sedentary lifestyles with an almost complete absence of any physical activity.

World over, most such ladies are directly put under hormonal fertility treatments, without being told to eat better, take up some exercise and lose weight before taking up infertility treatments.

I am sure, most of these ladies will conceive naturally, without any fertility treatments, if only they ate well, at least walked regularly, stopped thinking about pregnancy constantly, became happy and positive and lost weight healthily.

I have demonstrated this fact in my practice repeatedly over the decades!

Unfortunately, most times, such ladies either come to me directly, or a few are referred to me by their gynecologist or infertility specialists, only after all possible fertility treatments have failed.

Once they are put on healthy, balanced nutrition and they start walking regularly, most of them conceive naturally, most often much before they have lost all the weight they need to lose, often by the time they lose 8 or 10 kg, sometimes much less!

Ideally, they should slim down optimally, but since they are not taking any preventive measures, many conceive naturally in a month or two. Losing maximum excess weight protects them from miscarriages and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Since obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and all the above diseases that accompany obesity, have assumed epidemic proportions in our country too, obesity clinics, slimming centers, weight loss treatments of every hue have sprung up in Pune and all over India.

Few selling these so-called weight loss treatments really know what works long term and either force starvation or painful exercises on their hapless victims! Neither works long term!

It is vital that the lady aspiring to be a mother loses weight on completely healthy, balanced nutrition and gets fit, happy and positive.

A bad weight loss treatment with bad nutrition is also most likely to harm the health of the fetus and also cause miscarriages on its own.

It is wonderful for the pregnancy and the mental and physical health of the baby if both parents are happy, healthy, positive, slim and fit and are free of addictions like smoking, drinking or drugs, at the time of the conception.

I always strive to help couples struggling with obesity-related infertility to achieve these goals, the rest falls in place automatically!

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You Can Eat Mangoes and Still Lose Weight!

Millions of people all over the world are fighting obesity and accompanying diseases at any given time and Indians are no exception.

Naturally, weight loss treatments of various kinds have sprung up like mushrooms, in Pune, like they have all over India and also all over the world!

Today self-styled slimming centers in Pune and all over India are selling their own brand of nutrition, dangerous diets, and injurious exercises, with absolute impunity!

Today so-called obesity clinics in Pune and all over India are selling rubbish diets, pretentious slimming medicines or machines, food replacement powders or shakes, with equal impunity.

Is Mango Good For Weight Loss

Amongst the numerous foods that such weight loss treatments strictly prohibit you from eating, is the wonderful fruit, mango!

Naturally, this leads the obese people to fear that mango really makes them fat and stops eating them altogether!

Some ask if mangoes make them fat, or if mangoes can help in weight loss, or what is the best time to eat them, or can they eat mangoes and still lose weight?

Mango, like many other fruits, is a superfood. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and a very good source of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A is essential for the health of our eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

Pyridoxine is essential for the production of GABA, a brain hormone and for controlling the blood levels of homocysteine, high levels of which lead to coronary artery disease and strokes.

Vitamin C keeps our gums and teeth healthy, helps our body fight infections and also scavenges harmful oxygen-free radicals.

It is rich in potassium (156 mg per 100 gm) and low in sodium (2 mg per 100 gm), helping regulate our heart rate and blood pressure.

Mango is also rich in flavonoids namely beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and alpha-cryptoxanthene. Together with Vitamin A, the carotenes help protect us against numerous cancers including breast, colon, oral cavity and prostate cancers and leukemia.

The fruit is also a moderate source of copper, which is required for the production of some enzymes and red blood cells.

In short, mango is a superfood that helps keep our vision, skin and mucous membranes healthy, protects us against infections, eliminates harmful oxygen-free radicals from our body, helps regulate out heart rate and blood pressure protects us against heart disease and strokes, and numerous cancers including breast and colon cancers and leukemia.

Other than these health benefits, mango is the most delicious of all fruits. Indian Alphonso or ‘Hapus’ from the Kokan area of coastal Maharashtra is the prized mango.

A hundred grams of the edible fruit gives you 60 calories and has only 15 gm carbohydrates, mostly sugar, little protein, and very little fat.

So a medium size (about 200 gm) fruit won’t give you much more than 100 calories.

Healthy balanced nutrition should have three helpings of fruits every day. Even if you are looking to lose weight or keep your blood sugar under control, a mango a day is not going to dent your cause, if you eat healthy, the other two fruits are low-calorie fruits and you exercise regularly.

The sugars in the ripe mango will get absorbed in the blood even more slowly if it is eaten with food rather than on empty stomach.

Diabetics could have half a mango once or twice a day, better with food, so the absorption of the sugars in the blood will slow down further because of the food.

And you can always ‘brisk walk’ for fifteen or twenty more minutes twice a day to burn off a mango and also become more heart healthy in the process!

And then the best of the mango season barely lasts for two months!

Not too much to ask for, for the pleasure of eating a mango, the king of fruits, the world’s most delicious fruit for most Indians, and more so for Maharashtrians!

But of course, the word of your doctor should be accepted as final, on whether you should eat a mango or not, on diabetes. So do consult your doctor if you are a diabetic.

So the prohibitions imposed by these weight loss treatments not withstanding, you can go ahead and have a mango a day, without any guilty feeling! And you can also lose weight while eating them!

Healthy Weight Loss For Indian Men And Women All Over The World!

Healthy Weight Loss For Indian Men And Women All Over The World!

Helping Indian People Get Slim And Healthy All Over The World!

Over three decades ago, when I started my pioneering ‘Obesity Clinic’ in Pune, India, I was absolutely sure that obesity and various pains, disabilities, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, miscarriages and infertility, the diseases that accompany obesity, were going to spread like wildfire amongst Indian people, not only in India but also all over the world, in decades to come!

Few had foreseen that obesity and its accompanying diseases would make the obesity treatment a multi-crore rupee market in India, in decades to come.

Naturally, there were hardly any commercial slimming centers, weight loss programs, obesity clinics or gyms in Pune, Mumbai or in India.

A decade later the obesity and its accompanying diseases began raising their ugly heads with vengeance and today more and more young people are falling prey to hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease in their twenties and thirties, many undergoing angioplasties before turning forty!

More and more overweight and obese young ladies are suffering from PCOD, miscarriages, and infertility and are being forced to undergo expensive fertility treatments, which fail much more often than they succeed. And nobody has the time to pause and think if the hormonal treatments are safe long term!

And now people are aware that most of the above diseases are caused mainly by obesity. So today more and more people are trying to lose weight desperately.

Naturally, slimming centers, weight loss programs, obesity clinics of all shades and hues have sprung up, like mushrooms, in Pune, Mumbai and all over the India. And so have multi-crore rupee chain of gyms, selling mindless exercises under expensive personal trainers of questionable merits and equally expensive protein powders.

For over three decades now, I have helped numerous Indian people including specialist doctors, CEOs of mega industries, top professionals not only in Pune, Mumbai or India, but also all over the world, overcome overweight or obesity and all the above illnesses, by simply planning, educating and inspiring people to make small, but significant changes to their lifestyle and their normal, everyday food, at least walk regularly, rest adequately and be mentally peaceful and happy.

Many of them have gotten rid of their medication for illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).

Young ladies who had failed on every expensive fertility treatment, have overcome PCOD, infertility and repeated miscarriages to become happy mothers, by simply beginning to live and eat better, many of them even before they lost significant weight!

You can read some of their stories on the ‘Testimonials’ and the ‘Doctors Recommend Us’ pages and the basic science of slimming and healthy living on the ‘Science Of Slimming’ and ‘Recent Posts’ links on our website.

No starving under bogus slimming machines or medicines or meal replacement shakes or ‘magic’ diets, no painful workout and protein supplements, no psychological torture required!

If you are looking to get slim and healthy and overcome any of the above diseases accompanying obesity, you can write to us on slim@drnitingupte.com or drnitingupte@gmail.com for more information.

You can also read more about the treatment on the ‘Distance Program’ link of our website.

She Was Trying to Lose Weight with a Foreign Online Slimming Program!

A mid-thirties, smart, highly educated, globe-trotting young lady was trying to lose 10 to 12 kg weight for some time. She had tried a number of gyms and diet programs, the last being a foreign online program.

The consultants on the program planned and supervised the execution of her program regularly. They kept changing her diet from time to time, Paleo to Keto to a few other kinds and exercise varying between gym, Zumba and power yoga.

But nothing worked!

Her mother also lived in the same housing complex, a new complex where everyone was a stranger till a year or two ago.

The mother and a new friend of hers, walked together everyday. The friend’s husband, who travelled regularly, walked alone whenever in town.

Then the young lady learned that her mother’s friend and her husband had slimmed down appreciably in a month or so, were looking much more healthier and fitter, even while both continued only to walk, as usual.

When the young lady found out that the couple were under my care, she and her mother called upon me.

Initially I was a little unsure if this ultra modern girl would be prepared to listen to my advice after following an entirely different kind of approach to weight management, with the foreign program. After all my plan was too unglamorous, too simple, eating normal everyday food better and doing whatever she fancied on any particular day, walking, jogging, Zumba!

She joined me readily and showed complete willingness to follow whatever I planned, but took up only a trial three month program, which I had introduced on an experimental basis, very recently. This program can be extended to the regular, life-time-free follow up program within the first month.

Three weeks into my program, she had lost 3 kg very comfortably in spite of travelling to Tokyo for four days during this period.

Due to the ease with which she had lost weight, I had thought that she may be confident enough not to feel the need to extend her program. None the less, I reminded her that she would have to extend the program before the first month end, if at all she desired to avail of the regular program.

And she readily did, telling me that she wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity of being able to consult me for maintenance, any time she needed, under any circumstances, not after experiencing such excellent results so early and so comfortably!