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Boosting Immunity system

Preventing Depression And Boosting Immunity During Corona!

Exercising To Alleviate Depression And Boost Immunity!

Today the world is going through it’s worse crisis since the World Wars. The COVID 19 crisis has brought the world on the brink of disaster. Millions have lost their jobs and millions more will lose them in days to come! Tens of thousands are going to die of Corona and many more due to starvation as economies are collapsing worldwide!

Naturally, a huge number of people are going to suffer from depression in months and years to come.

Depression causes the body to unleash stress hormones, notably cortisol.

High levels of stress hormones lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. So more people will succumb to these illnesses in the coming days.

Depression lowers our immunity to fight infections and those with low immunity stand little chance of surviving a Corona infection.

Research has proved that exercise is the best and the most potent stress buster. Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, boost the levels of endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters.


  • Lower the levels of stress hormones,
  • Boost energy levels,
  • Eliminate fatigue,
  • Act like analgesics and alleviate pain,
  • Act as sedatives and improve sleep,
  • Elevate mood,
  • Alleviate depression.



  • Boost the levels of endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitters
  • Reduce stress
  • Lift gloom and depression,
  • Improve self-esteem,
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness,
  • Improve lung function,
  • Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, and LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides,
  • Improve HDL Cholesterol,
  • Protect us from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and strokes,
  • And boost immunity.

Thus the best way to get fit and boost our immunity is to exercise adequately.

Most people can take up walking, spot marching, spot jogging at home during this lockdown, to get slimmer, fitter, stronger, more cheerful, more positive and get rid of depression and boost their immunity to fight off the threat of Corona, Also exercise help in weight loss in good health.

You can also use a cardiovascular exercise machine like a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or exercise bike if you have one at home.

And you don’t have to begin big, even one 10 minute session of comfortable paced walk in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening is fine. Increase the pace and time of the walking sessions as you get fitter.

You can even brisk walk for 10 minutes six or more times, or 20 or more minutes thrice if you need to lose weight too.

It is necessary to exercise at least thrice a week, four to five times a week is even better, for alleviating mild depression.

Try walking six times a week to lose weight too.

Working out at a brisk pace and keeping the pulse rate in the aerobic zone will improve cardiovascular fitness, meaning the heart and lungs will become fitter, both vital in fighting off a Corona infection, should anybody contact the infection.

Jal neti and Vitamin D

The eminent head of the top hospital in Western Pune, suggests regular jal neti and Vitamin D supplements to keep our immunity against the virus high. His hospital hasn’t hasn’t suffered a single infection amongst it’s staff.

Jal neti has been well proved to boost the immunity against upper respiratory infections and allergies and Vitamin D bolsters immunity.

Vitamin C supplements too may help bolster immunity during this pandemic.

So it may be life saving to start jal neti and take Vitamin D supplements once a week for the first month, once a fortnight in the second and once every three weeks from the third month onwards.

So, gear up to fight this pandemic and don’t get depressed due to this mandatory homestay, instead use this opportunity to become physically active and get slimmer, fitter, and healthier!

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Sagging Skin After Weight Loss!

Tightening Sagging Skin After Weight Loss!

When people lose weight on low calorie, nutritionally imbalanced diets, they always look haggard as the skin wrinkles like old people.

When people lose a lot of weight suddenly, over a short period of time, they develop varying degrees of sagging of skin. When they do so after bariatric surgery or a ‘very low-calorie diet’ (VLCD), nutritionally defined as less than 800 calorie diets, they tend to lose fat and girth quickly and the skin sags a lot, some times so much that the skin around the waist may have to be folded and tucked in, like the folds of a saree!

Such people lose water, glycogen and body proteins from the connective tissue under the skin and from the muscles and finally organs all too quickly. This sudden loss actually causes sagging.

After bariatric surgery, people can hardly eat a few morsels of food before they feel full, and can’t eat anymore. This is the surgical route to a forced starvation based diet.

On starvation based diets under various names, cereals (chapatis, bhakri, rice, bread) and pulses (dals, curries, usual, pithla) are almost completely stopped or severely curtailed. The result is, people, lose inches from their girth quickly and our skin can’t keep pace with this quicker loss of girth and begins to sag.

Our skin is not just an envelope around our bodies. It is not a rubber sheath around the body. It is a live tissue made up of living cells and is wonderfully elastic and has the capacity to tighten up and adjust to the new volume of the body. But this process takes some time, even two or three years if you lose a lot of weight suddenly, so the sagging lasts for some time.

Most people on very-low-calorie diets, suffer from all kinds of nutritional deficiencies and can’t sustain the diet. They promptly regain all the weight they had lost, often ending up fatter than before, as soon as they begin to eat more. So the skin sagging vanishes.

People lose a lot of weight after bariatric surgery. They too suffer from nutritional deficiencies but they are put on ample nutritional supplements. They, of course, can’t go back to eating as they did previously, as there isn’t enough space left in the stomach, so the weight loss continues for a longer period. These are the people who suffer from the worst skin sagging.

People who are obese and ill enough to require bariatric surgery and also wealthy enough to afford it, can also consider plastic surgery to correct the loose skin.

After half a dozen years or so, these people too start regaining weight as the stomach starts stretching and allows them to eat more.

People who lose weight on healthy, normal, everyday food and moderate exercise, even as simple as walking, the weight loss is steady and that allows the skin to keep pace with the loss of the girth and they don’t experience much sagging of skin. In fact the skin becomes healthy and begins to glow beautifully as they lose weight on balanced, healthy food and cardiovascular exercises.

Thus to prevent sagging of skin, you must lose weight on healthy nutrition and moderate exercises and drink a lot of water and remain adequately hydrated. Dehydration worsens sagging while proper hydration prevents it.

Also get ample sleep during and after slimming.

You can use moisturising, rehydrating skin care products of reputed brands to keep the skin in good health, but your inner health is of paramount importance.

Also ageing people must accept the natural wrinkling of their skin gracefully and focus on getting healthy nutrition, adequate walks, water, and sleep, to keep their skin at its best, for their age.

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Health benefit due to weight loss

Health Benefits Of Weight Loss!

Benefits Of Being Slim And Healthy!

Obese people are never fully healthy either physically or mentally. Most obese people have low self-esteem, lack self-confidence and find themselves socially isolated. They tend to be irritable and gradually avoid people. Young people find it difficult to get a good life partner.

Obesity and the faulty lifestyle associated with it, lead to a very wide range of diseases, some of which may not even appear to be directly connected to obesity.

The obese tend to be irritable, stressed out, depressed and may have poor self-esteem. Their energy levels are low and they tire quickly. There are pains and aches everywhere.

Backache and joint pains are common. Spondylosis, prolapsed discs, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, varicose veins, cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder), and some hernias are prevalent in the obese.

Fatty liver (hepatic steatosis) is often associated with obesity. Some fat is there in a healthy liver, but the accumulation of excessive fat in the liver is called fatty liver. It can lead to inflammation and damage to the liver tissue and scarring (fibrosis) of the liver parenchyma. Extensive liver fibrosis leads to cirrhosis, which can cause liver failure, which is a life-threatening illness.

High blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease and cerebral strokes (paralysis) are frequently associated with obesity.

Amongst obese ladies ‘ infertility, difficult pregnancies, and labor, abortions and complications during a cesarean section are common.

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is common among young women. PCOD is a condition in which the ovaries develop small fluid-filled sacs or cysts, causing hormonal imbalances and the menstrual periods are generally delayed or completely absent. This condition is usually associated with weight gain and frequently with infertility.

The obese always have a greater risk during surgery.

Apart from these diseases, a wide range of other diseases, including some cancers, are linked to obesity and the faulty lifestyle associated with it.

High-Risk Abdominal Obesity:

Excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen can have dangerous implications for your health. Abdominal obesity can lead to the dangerous triad of hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (high levels of cholesterol and blood fats) and type-2 diabetes. These three together can lead to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and also death.

So if you have a big belly, it is imperative that you wake up and do something about it urgently.

Effect of weight loss:

When people begin to eat healthily and at least walk regularly, they begin to lose weight and start feeling fresh and energetic. The skin and hair health begins to improve. People begin to like their reflection in the mirror.

Hyperacidity, digestive complaints, constipation get corrected.

The blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides levels begin to drop. The bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol drops down while the good cholesterol, the HDL cholesterol begins to climb.

Various pains and aches reduce. Backache, arthritic pains in knees, hips, pains in heels improve.

Young women overcome PCOD, conceive naturally, stop aborting and become happy mothers, without expensive fertility treatments.

Losing weight protects us from illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and strokes, cholecystitis and fatty liver and many types of cancers.

Losing weight can reverse most of the above illnesses and conditions completely and make you slim and healthy!

Lifestyle benefits:

Obesity and most of the illnesses associated with it are lifestyle diseases. The only way to get slim and healthy for a lifetime is to adopt healthy food habits and a healthy lifestyle, for a lifetime. So you learn to eat well and become physically more active and fit for a lifetime.

This is exactly the reverse of trying to lose weight on unhealthy, starvation based or fad diets and injurious exercises off and on. Diets are temporary, so are their results, eating healthy is permanent and so are its results!

Personal, Psychological and social benefits:

Excellent weight loss on your own, normal, everyday, healthy food, moderate and enjoyable exercises, ample water and sleep results in glowing, healthy skin making people of all ages look and feel younger and better. Young men and ladies look naturally more handsome or pretty.

People become happy and confident about losing weight, they regain their self-esteem, they become socially more acceptable, in young people, matrimonial or matchmaking prospects improve. They become more acceptable in the work environment.

Many even middle-aged men and women feel very good to be able to wear better clothes.

Economic benefits:

The cost of medical care and infrastructure comes down if more and people become fit and healthy.

The productivity of the whole society improves if people are more fit and healthy, directly benefiting society.

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keep slim after weight loose

Finding The Best Weight Loss Treatment To Eliminate Risk Factors!

Today millions of people all over the world are suffering from obesity and various pains and diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, PCOD, miscarriages, and infertility those accompany it!

People are so frustrated with obesity and its accompanying diseases that they are constantly searching for and hoping that some brand new, magic weight-loss treatment will come along in Pune, or anywhere else they may be in the world and help them lose weight effortlessly.

No wonder then that the weight loss treatments in Pune and also all over the world have become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Most weight loss treatments in Pune or anywhere else in the world today are busy luring these hapless people, selling them expensive dreams of effortless weight loss with some revolutionary, magic diet, slimming machine or medicine or meal replacement shakes!

But behind the facade of each of these magic treatments lies the inevitable starvation based diets. No one on these treatments can escape the dangerous ill effects of starvation and luckily most people find the diet too tough and become miserable on them and quit it within a few weeks or months. They are the lucky ones. Those who persist, flirt with great danger, even death!

Starvation forces the body to lose glycogen, water, and proteins. The result is they become wrinkled, shrivelled and dehydrated, without really looking appreciably slimmer.

Soon people start feeling weak, get anaemic and unfit and generally feel unwell. The initial false sense of weight loss encourages some to carry on starvation for some more time causing more deficiencies. Apart from anemia, there will be a loss of body proteins and deficiency of most micronutrients. Calcium loss is common. It can lead to dental caries, bone pains and osteoporosis.

Constipation, fissures, and haemorrhoids (or piles) are also common.

Hyperacidity, severe digestive tract disorders including ulcers, colitis, and mal-absorption syndromes are common side effects of sustained starvation. There will pain in the abdomen, indigestion, gases and loose motions. They can become a lifetime disability.

People on liquid diets may develop cholecystitis, inflammation of the gall bladder and gall stones.

Sustained low-calorie diets depresses the metabolic rate, that is, the body burns fewer calories throughout the day than before. So people gain more weight than they lost, as soon as they stop these diets.

On the other hand of the spectrum are the gyms, their super expensive, muscular trainers, heavy, painful and often injurious weight training and punishing floor exercises, bad diets prescribed by the trainer or inexperienced dieticians and expensive protein powders. They unleash injuries and misery on their hapless clients!

That is why hardly anyone loses weight at all in gyms, even short term!

That is the reason why you should choose the best weight loss program, in Pune, or from anywhere else, very carefully so that you can eliminate all the possible risk factors!

The only way one can actually get slim, fit and healthy for a lifetime, is to eat one’s own, healthy, normal, everyday food sensibly and at least walk adequately and regularly, things those ones can take up for a lifetime, things those are sustainable for a lifetime! Any number of people under my care world over can confirm this!

This is the exact treatment that we plan and inspire people to follow, supervise and advise them on day to day basis and guide them till they reach their goals of weight and health, overcome their illnesses and become slim and healthy! These people get lifetime support for maintenance, too!

So if you too are frustrated with obesity and its accompanying illnesses, if you too have failed everywhere else, if you too are looking for the best available weight loss treatment in Pune, or from anywhere else in the world, your quest should end with us!

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Overcoming Obesity Related Infertility

Weight Loss Should Be The First Treatment For Obesity Related Infertility!

On 5th May 2017, Ms Sarika Shukla, 30, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 93 kg young lady came to me, looking for my help in losing weight that apparently was preventing her from conceiving even after 3 or 4 years of expensive and frustrating fertility treatments that had failed completely, under a well known Pune gynecologist. After spending a few lacs and undergoing two expensive laparoscopies, a doctor relative severely admonished her and sent her to me.

She had also spent huge amounts on trying to lose weight on a few heavily advertised, self-styled slimming centers in Pune, without any success, before coming to me.

I had hoped against hope that she would lose at least 25 to 30 kg weight before she conceived.

No such luck!

Put on a healthy nutritional plan and regular walks, she lost some 4 kg and conceived naturally in a month’s time.

She delivered a healthy baby, absolutely safely, without any complications during pregnancy or delivery.

A few years earlier, a 28 year old, 5 feet tall, 70 kg young lady was referred to me by a top infertility expert in Pune. The lady, whose name I am not at liberty to disclose, is the daughter in law of a famous construction family in Kothrud, Pune and both husband and wife are ayurvedic doctors. She was unable to conceive even on extensive fertility treatments as well as ayurvedic treatments, after suffering from nine miscarriages! Needless to say that she was more sad and depressed than Sarika.

I assured her that we would overcome her problems in a few months and that she should relax, get happy and positive and stop worrying about pregnancy and that everything will fall in place when she loses weight healthily.

She lost 18 kg with me, lost all her gloom, became happy and positive and conceived naturally, without any fertility treatment. This time the slim and fit young lady had no complications of pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby safely.

She too had spent a fortune on many obesity clinics in Pune, without losing weight.

Today millions of women all over the world are suffering from PCOD, menstrual dysfunctions and anovulation, lower conception rates, infertility, higher miscarriage rates and a higher rate of complications during pregnancy.

Most ladies suffering from PCOD are overweight or obese, many of them also suffer from hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, some of them also suffer from hypothyroidism and many have difficulty in conceiving or are infertile.

The easily perceivable common condition running in most of these ladies is obesity. What is less easily perceivable is that many of these ladies may eat bad and may have sedentary lifestyles.

I have been helping young ladies all over the world, overcome obesity, often with PCOD, history of one or more miscarriages and also infertility, for three and a half decades.

In actual practice, I have found that the root cause of obesity and PCOD, and obesity-related miscarriages and infertility, are bad eating and sedentary lifestyles with an almost complete absence of any physical activity.

World over, most such ladies are directly put under hormonal fertility treatments, without being told to eat better, take up some exercise and lose weight before taking up infertility treatments.

I am sure, most of these ladies will conceive naturally, without any fertility treatments, if only they ate well, at least walked regularly, stopped thinking about pregnancy constantly, became happy and positive and lost weight healthily.

I have demonstrated this fact in my practice repeatedly over the decades!

Unfortunately, most times, such ladies either come to me directly, or a few are referred to me by their gynecologist or infertility specialists, only after all possible fertility treatments have failed.

Once they are put on healthy, balanced nutrition and they start walking regularly, most of them conceive naturally, most often much before they have lost all the weight they need to lose, often by the time they lose 8 or 10 kg, sometimes much less!

Ideally, they should slim down optimally, but since they are not taking any preventive measures, many conceive naturally in a month or two. Losing maximum excess weight protects them from miscarriages and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Since obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and all the above diseases that accompany obesity, have assumed epidemic proportions in our country too, obesity clinics, slimming centers, weight loss treatments of every hue have sprung up in Pune and all over India.

Few selling these so-called weight loss treatments really know what works long term and either force starvation or painful exercises on their hapless victims! Neither works long term!

It is vital that the lady aspiring to be a mother loses weight on completely healthy, balanced nutrition and gets fit, happy and positive.

A bad weight loss treatment with bad nutrition is also most likely to harm the health of the fetus and also cause miscarriages on its own.

It is wonderful for the pregnancy and the mental and physical health of the baby if both parents are happy, healthy, positive, slim and fit and are free of addictions like smoking, drinking or drugs, at the time of the conception.

I always strive to help couples struggling with obesity-related infertility to achieve these goals, the rest falls in place automatically!

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