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Basic Information About Blood Pressure And Hypertension! Today many people are aware that diabetes is a grave illness. And they take the threat of the disease seriously. But more people have hypertension than diabetes and few people are aware that hypertension is as grave a disease as diabetes. And a person with hypertension may not have […]


Hypothyroidism Or Under Active Thyroid Gland Thyroid is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland situated at the base of the neck, below the prominence of the Adam’s apple, resting on the trachea or the windpipe. It produces three hormones, the two thyroid hormones called triiodothyronine or T3 and thyroxine or the T4 hormones and calcitonin. The […]

Uric Acid, Gout And Kidney Stones!

Raised Levels Of Blood Uric Acid, Gout And Kidney Stones! Many people suffer from raised levels of uric acids in their blood. Often this condition is found in routine renal function tests. Most often this condition is ignored if the rise is borderline. But left untreated, long term rise in uric acid could cause chronic […]

Fatty Liver Disease Or Hepatic Steatosis

Kinds Of Fatty Liver Disease Or Hepatic Steatosis Obese people have a greater risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, than the slim people. And most obese people know that they are at greater risk of developing these diseases. And more obese people have fatty liver disease than heart disease, but most are totally […]

Acute And Chronic Inflammation!

The Root Cause Of Diseases Like Diabetes, Heart Disease And Cancers! Everyone knows hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis and cancers. Few know that the root cause of these dangerous disease is inflammation! What is inflammation? We have all experienced injuries from our childhood when we fell and scratched our skin of legs and hands […]

Choosing A Healthy Cooking Oil!

How To Choose A Healthy Cooking Oil! This is a delicate and controversial issue, involving complex scientific research which is still underway and emotions and geographical preferences and commercial interests of oil seed producers and the oil industry. We have already seen in the ‘Heart Health Poster Boy Olive Oil Vs Groundnut Oil’ article on […]

Heart Health Poster Boy Olive Oil Vs Groundnut Oil!

Choosing Between Olive Oil And Groundnut Oil! Hit the internet to search for foods to fight inflammation and the chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and heart disease resulting from it and it invariably comes up with one particular food, the heart health poster boy, the extra virgin olive oil. Researchers have for sometime now […]

Omega 3 Fatty Acids!

Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids! Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the three macronutrients of our nutrition. Fats are composed of fatty acids. Fatty acids are of four types, the monounsaturated fatty acids, the polyunsaturated fatty acids, the saturated fatty acids and the trans fatty acids. Of these, the body can synthesise most of […]

Understanding Pre Diabetes!

The Threat Of Pre Diabetes! Even when I started my pioneering obesity clinic in Pune four decades ago, it was clear that we were fast becoming the world capital of diabetes and heart disease! But the threat of a condition called pre diabetes was not as commonly recognised then as it is today. Currently the commonest […]

Sweets, Obesity and Diabetes!

Eating Too Much Sweets, Obesity And Diabetes! It was amply clear even when I started my then unique ‘Obesity Clinic’ in Pune, nearly 40 years ago, that our county was poised to be the world capital of diabetes and heart disease! The three primary reasons for it were that we are genetically more prone to […]