Slimming Simply

Introduction To The Concept Of Healthy Weight Loss And Positive Health

Getting slim and healthy for a life time requires exactly the same treatment that is required to prevent or overcome high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and strokes!

It simply requires you to lead a healthy lifestyle comprising of healthy nutrition (normal, everyday food, viz. chapati, rice, dal, vegetables, milk, buttermilk, curds and fruits; at least four meals a day), regular, comfortable cardiovascular exercises (even plain walking is good enough), adequate rest and being happy and peaceful.

We precisely plan, educate, counsel and inspire you to follow this kind of a healthy lifestyle. The prescription is tailor made for you and is therefore easy to follow.

The weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood fats drop significantly in weeks.

The result is superb slimming with excellent skin, hair, health and fitness and protection from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. At our Centre or your home, anywhere in the world!

Such slimming becomes truly enjoyable!

Nothing else really works.

Commercial slimming programs are busy selling starvation based diets under the disguise of rubbish treatments like the so called spot reduction machines, massages, homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines, meal replacing food packs, and fad diets.

Gyms are busy selling heavy weight training under the so called personal trainers with expensive protein supplements or till-you-drop-dead floor exercises.

Both kinds of treatments are dangerous and guaranteed to fail.

That is the reason why people who have failed on every other program, slim down effortlessly with us.

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