The Amazing Story Of Omkar

Losing Fifteen Kg In One Month To Save The Dream Of An Army Career


It was on the 16th of July 2002, that this tall young lad stepped into my consulting room. “Doctor, please help me lose 15 kg weight in one month! I’m willing to do anything you tell me.”

He wasn’t exactly the first person coming to me, making such a fantastic demand, nor would he be the last! But I sensed something different about this boy that prevented me from feeling the usual sense of amusement, at such an atrocious demand. In fact, the demand did not appear to be atrocious at all, the way he put it. It was when I asked him the reason for his extraordinary demand that I began to perceive the daunting immensity of the challenge that I was going to face.

A last year student of B.E. at the Islampur engineering college, Onkar Bhandurge had set his heart on joining that engineering corps of the Indian army. Although the Indian army requires thousands of officers, it is not easy to enter the army as an officer. You have to pass a battery of tests, before you can get selected. Although thousands of boys appear for the entrance test, very few make the grade.

In this situation, Onkar had passed all the required tests. But he weighed 85 kg at 5 feet 10 inches. Thus he was declared temporarily unfit and was asked to lose 15 kg weight in just forty two odd days. He was due to appear for a medical check up at the Appeals Medical Board at a Command Hospital, in that period. Eventually I was to get only thirty days as Onkar came to me rather late.

He had already approached the then largest health club in Pune and also the largest chain of the so called slimming and beauty clinics in India. Both boasted of being great champions of the weight loss industry. Both quoted huge fees, but also categorically refused to guarantee even one kg weight loss in thirty days. The health club, in fact, also told him that he would have to take nothing but fruit juices for one month. The juices would be provided by them and he would have to pay separately for them. Little did they know that he would have to stand up to a very strict medical scrutiny and starving to death was not an option at all for Onkar!

To say that the job was difficult would be a gross understatement. But this lad had come to me with a great hope. He was determined to put in as much effort as was required. He left me with no choice but to accept the challenge. That I would have to draw on all my skill and experience was a foregone conclusion. Luckily, I had the experience, of helping a boy lose 8 kg in 22 days for N.D.A. entrance, but this was a long time ago.