Premier Weight Loss Program In Pune

Healthy Slimming: A Lifetime Mission: The Best Weight Loss Program In Pune!

Dr. Nitin Gupte started his pioneering Weight Loss Program In Pune over three decades ago, correctly anticipating that millions of Indians would be suffering from obesity and it’s accompanying diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, PCOD, miscarriages and infertility, in decades to come!

Since then, it has been Dr. Nitin Gupte’s lifetime mission to help people get slim and healthy, overcoming the above diseases, on his Weight Loss Program in Pune, not just at his Slimming Centre in Pune (In-Centre Program), but also at their homes all over the world, on his Distance Weight Loss Program, guiding them on day to basis from his clinic in Pune.

Weight Loss Program in Pune

On his Weight Loss Program people from Pune to all over the world, overcome these diseases, often getting rid of their hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes medication, young ladies overcome PCOD, miscarriages, and infertility to become happy mothers, without artificial fertility treatments!

These include specialist doctors, top professionals and eminent people, some of whose testimonials are available on ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Doctors Recommend Us’ pages of his website. You can also read the basic science of slimming and healthy living on the links ‘Science Of Slimming’ and ‘Recent Posts’ on his website.

You can read more about his Weight Loss Program In Pune at his Slimming Centre or his Distance Weight Loss Program operated from Pune, on the ‘In-Centre Program‘ and ‘Distance Program’ links of his website!

The key to the success of his Distance Weight Loss Program in Pune or anywhere else in the world lies in planning, educating and inspiring people to make small, but significant changes to their lifestyle and their normal, everyday food and at least walk regularly, rest adequately and be mentally peaceful and happy!

Today weight loss has become a huge industry in India. Naturally, thousands of so called Weight Loss Programs have mushroomed in Pune and all over India. Most of these programs are damaging people’s health by either starving them under the pretext of bogus slimming machines, equally bogus slimming medicines, special diets or meal replacement shakes or injuring them with painful workouts and protein supplements.

Dr. Nitin Gupte has clearly established his Weight Loss Program as the premier Weight Loss Program not only in Pune but also in India, helping Indian people all over the world get slim and healthy at their homes!

Today his Weight Loss Program in Pune has become the final destination of Indian people who have failed in every Weight Loss Program not only in Pune but everywhere else in the world!

If you genuinely wish to get slim and healthy for a lifetime, your best chance is to join Dr.Nitin Gupte’s Weight Loss Program in Pune, from anywhere in the world to get slim and healthy!

You can call and visit or write to Dr. Nitin Gupte directly for more information about his weight loss programs. All his contact details are available on the ‘Contact Us’ link of his website.